Web Developer Guide

Web Developer Guide

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I usually do not write about guides, roadmaps and other things. There are plenty out there already and I wish not to add to that.

However, this one came as a request from a friend. So here we go.

A living document.

This guide will be a living document. It means there will be changes happening to keep these things relevant to our industry.

How to use this guide?

This guide will outline the roadmap needed to learn a skill. It could be HTML, CSS or whatever - you get the point. The guide will have links for which readers can learn more about the topic. Keeping it simple for now.


Most of the content here are inspired from the web. Some of them are from my experience. I also wish the community can also contribute. After all, community is why we are so awesome. Also, This is a WIP document.

Why Web Development?

  1. Incredible opportunities in the market.
  2. Need for user Interactive Applications.
  3. Decent number of jobs.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in having a career in Web Development.


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JS
  4. GIT
  5. NPM
  6. Code sandbox
  7. Basic knowledge of Browsers and Developer Tools.
  8. Put knowledge to practice.


  1. Learn a Framework - React (Or Vue, Svelte or Angular).
  2. Put knowledge to practice.
  3. Learn the Advanced Aspects of the framework.
  4. Put knowledge to practice.


Learning HTML


A laptop with a decent internet connection.

Good to have

  1. Passion to learn.
  2. Probably a cup of coffee.

Learning Roadmap

  1. Web - A brief history

  2. Getting started with the Web

  3. What is HTML

  4. HTML Metadata

  5. HTML Text Fundamentals

  6. Hyperlinks

  7. Images and SVGs.

  8. Table, lists.

  9. Forms.

  10. HTML Tags

More to come.

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