Playwright to the rescue

For one of our client, we recently had a particular requirement where we had to do numerous verbiage changes in multiple places of UI. While the development effort itself was massive, the real challenge would emerge post coding. Validations had to happen in multiple environments (Dev, Staging, Pre Production before moving to production).

Testing was equally a large effort, multiple environments like dev, staging & pre production validations & across multiple browsers. With a small team but a smart team, we always do things the smart way.

The Master Stroke

This is when we decided to cover this requirement with playwright. Code it once with playwright, test on multiple browsers and multiple environments. Just after the code was completed and right before the code review, the feature branch was shared with the QA team who swiftly automated the validations using playwright.

The benefits we get with Playwright.

  1. Faster way to test across multiple environments.

  2. Multi Browser Testing

  3. Stable Releases

  4. Faster Go to Production times.

  5. Deeper Team Collaboration

I hope your teams are using Playwright or a similar tools for your engineering tasks.