Mutual Admiration

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Mutual Admiration

The secret sauce of extraordinary team

The successful teams I've worked alongside always had one thing in common: Mutual admiration.

Can a goal be scored without someone passing the ball?

We invest most of our time/energy at the workplace chasing ideas/dreams/goals. It's important to take a step back and see how far we have come and who has helped us along the way.

If you look closely, it will most likely be someone in your team. A good team has skilled individuals working for a common goal. What makes the team great is when those individuals start recognizing/appreciating the good work done by others. This creates a positive aura within the team and makes the team members even more confident.

If you are a leader, do everything you can to build Mutual Admiration as a culture in your team. This will ensure better collaboration & also deepen trust within the team.

Pro Tips:

  • Do it genuinely and for the right reasons.

  • Do not lower the standards. Keep the bar high.

  • Don't wait for a specific day to admire good work.

  • For me, Admiring someone on a Monday has worked best (compared to say Friday).

When was the last time you genuinely admired someone? Yesterday was the best time. Today is still fine. Just do it!