Its 2016 again

Its 2016 again

The Pivot

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Photo by Zoltan Tasi

Sometime back in 2016 I wanted to try and learn something new which was not related to Microsoft Dot Net/Core. I needed a Pivot. I narrowed it down two options:

  1. Python & Machine Learning.
  2. React & Nodejs.

I went with React and node and its been a wild journey so far. React and node has taken me places and made it possible to meet & work with brilliant folks.

While that continues I feel like 2016 again. I need a Pivot. After doing some research (not really), I have again narrowed it down to two options:

  1. Python & Machine Learning.
  2. Blockchain.

Python & Machine Learning would still need to wait for some more time.

So, Hello Blockchain. Here I come..