About Peregrine, Being Brave, gift of learning, Flex box and React Query

One Interesting Fact

Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal known to man (as I write this post) and can reach a speed of 389 km/h.

Two Interesting Quotes

  1. You can, you should and if you are brave enough to start, you will.

  2. Learning is a gift, even when pain is the teacher.

Three Useful Links

  1. Master CSS Flexbox -> Learn Flexbox by playing a game. Must try if you are getting into CSS.

  2. Importance of learning CSS -> Josh's website is cute as well.

  3. React Query -> An interesting Hooks based library for data fetching in React.

Note: I'm not affiliated (monetary or non-monetary) with anyone and the links I share are something which I feel worth taking a look.

Until Next time.. Stay safe and happy.

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