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About 1.82 Seconds, Happiness, Money, Time and CSS

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Published on Jan 25, 2021

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One Interesting Fact

1.82 seconds is the fastest Pit Stop (as on Jan 25th 2021) in Formula 1 Racing.

Two Interesting Quotes/Questions

  1. Money is like manure. It stinks when you pile it; it grows when you spread it.

  2. Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to others.

Three Useful Links

  1. Pomodoro Technique -> Learn to Manage 'the' crucial resource - Time.

  2. Learn or Redo Your CSS -> I am enjoying re-learning CSS, thanks to Yatharth.

  3. AWS UI -> A React Based Design Library Developed by AWS.

Note: I'm not affiliated (monetary or non-monetary) with anyone and the links I share are something which I feel worth taking a look.

Until Next time.. Stay safe and happy.

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