About Me

Hello Friend 👋,

I am your friend Sandeep Gokhale. I'm a Proud Kannadiga living in Bengaluru with My Parents, Wife & Two kids. I work as a Full Stack Web Engineer (React and Nodejs among other things). My Passion includes Formula 1, Photography and Fishkeeping. During my spare time, I read Non-Fictional books and I love listening to Dasa Sahitya. One of my dream is to use Technology and enrich lives of millions of people globally.

Two things I firmly believe in:

  1. Skills > Scores.
  2. Proof of Work > Piece of Paper.

Two problems that keep me thinking:

  1. Children between 6 & 16 not getting the right education.
  2. Students lacking direction for success.

And I'm doing something about them.

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