7 Ways to stand out in your Daily Stand-Ups or Team Syncs.

7 Ways to stand out in your Daily Stand-Ups or Team Syncs.

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The Daily Stand-Up or Team Sync is your chance to shine. It's a brief moment each day where you can share your updates and make a strong impression. Ready to make the most of it? Here are 7 ways to make the best of the meeting and also to stand out.

1. Say relevant things.

2. Don't be shy to share issues/problems.

3. Listen with Intent

4. Be energetic & Engage

5. Don't drag your update.

6. Start and finish on time

7. Celebrate wins/special days.

Let's dive deep..

1. Say relevant things.

Team sync or standups are typically 15 mins. or so. Each member will get about 1-2 minutes to share:

  • What was achieved previous day

  • What was planned to be achieved today

  • Impediments if any.

Stick to this and be succinct with it.

2. Don't be shy to share issues/problems.

If you have any issues with your work or something is broken, its important to mention this right away without delays. The cost of fixing bugs is directly related to how early it is discovered.

3. Listen with Intent

When others are providing updates, listen with intent and to learn something. This is something a lot of folks figure out late in their career. If you are not clear on something being discussed, it's a hint you can improve. Do not miss that hint.

4. Be energetic & Engaging

If the saying "silence is golden" is right, then non-engaging team members are the billionaires! Please don't be them. Bring your full self to work. Whether it's being on camera or keeping the engagement going, keeping a healthy humor, ensuring your presence is felt and being creative with it.

Remember to "Stand out" in your stand-ups :)

5. Don't drag on.

If there is an issue, keep the discussion to the end unless a clear solution can be provided in under a minute. If you are having a problem to discuss or share, keep it to the last after everyone's update. Let others go if they are not required but always give them an option to stay.

6. Start & Finish on time.

Start the meeting on time, joining the meeting on time, and finish the meeting on time. Goes without saying. Simple but not easy, tests your discipline.

7. Celebrate wins/special days.

Do not just be robotic at work. Celebrate special days, cheer your teammates, and wish them on their special days. Your Deadlines, tasks, and issues are never remembered for long. Someone did good work, cheer them on. If someone went the extra mile, celebrate such folks. Do it genuinely.

How you made everyone in your team feel will have a lasting effect. So, don't be the Invisible person in your meetings.

Read so far? You are amazing!

Would love to hear what fun strategies you apply to make your team syncs/standups or meetings in general fun and engaging. Don't be shy, add your thoughts in the comments!

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